Sight and Sound: Jesus Comes to Lancaster

Sight and Sound Theatres is bringing Jesus to Lancaster. In this episode, we talk about how I met my wife on stage at Sight and Sound, Sight and Sound’s connection to two wedding in my family, how my wife fell into the lighting pit, the Sight and Sound experience, and of course about Jesus.

This show is sponsored by the Hertzog Homestead LLC and by Performance Coach Kristen Hertzog.

If you’ve never been to Sight and Sound Theatres, then you are in for a treat. The experience is truly breathtaking. From the moment you pull up the driveway to walking into the theater, sitting in the theater with a stage that surrounds you, listening to scores played by world renown orchestras, sets that tower stories high– its hard to believe you can get a taste of Broadway here in Lancaster County, PA. And I dare say in some respects what they do there is better than Broadway.

This year Sight and Sound is premiering the “greatest rescue story of all time–Jesus! This the action-packed musical stage adventure that takes you on a miraculous journey alongside the most famous person ever to walk the earth and the everyday people whose lives he changed forever.”

Check out the trailer below:

Have you been to a Sight and Sound production in Lancaster County?  What did you think of it? Which ones have you seen?  We want to hear from you. Email me , visit us on Facebook, or message us on Twitter.

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