Lancaster City is the Big Kahuna

Lancaster City in Lancaster, Pennsylvania was rated one of the top 10 cities by Forbes Magazine to visit in 2018. And yes that’s out of all the cities across the US. We talk about their analysis of Lancaster city being a Victorian city surrounded by the Amish countryside. We also discuss Lancaster being a central and rising arts hub.

We share our own experience of visiting First Friday in Lancaster where many quaint shops and art galleries stay open late.  Many of the restaurants have bands, and we discuss a couple of our favorite ones. We especially talk about our experience at Pour on Prince, an upscale casual bar and restaurant serving craft food and drinks in the heart of Lancaster’s Gallery Row.

We also discuss The Fulton Theatre and how is a good example of the Victorian architecture one finds in Lancaster City. They produce fantastic shows. It is also an infamous place in Lancaster’s history where the massacre of the last of the Conestoga Indians happened.  You can still visit the jail cell where it occurred. We talk about the connection the Hertzog Homestead Bed and Breakfast has to that event.


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And remember, as your traveling, watch out for those road apples!


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