Reflections Restaurant

In the second episode of The Road Apple Guide to Lancaster, we talk about Reflections Restaurant, a favorite restaurant of ours. While it is a little bit off the beaten path, it’s definitely not a place to be missed.

Originally called the Catfish Wayside Inn,  Reflections has a place in history housing many members of the Continental Congress as a traveled from Philadelphia to Washington DC when the United States Capital moved.  You can enjoy history and quality food at the same time.

Reflections Restaurant offers an assortment of delicious food.  Our personal recommendations are  their Baked Tomato Bisque, their Calamari with chili ranch sauce, their Butternut Squash Ravioli, and their Shrimp Pesto Linguini. We have never had an order here we dislike.

The bar reminds me of the Cheers Bar, where locals congregate, but it never interferes with the dining experience.

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And remember, as your traveling, watch out for those road apples.


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